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The hiking trail, dedicated to Francis Lastenouse invites a stroll through the scrubland and offers the contemplation of tournissanaise wine plain.
Head to the village square and let yourself be guided by the yellow signs. Cross the footbridge and cross the street to get to the place called "pine Mary" where the monument is located.


Turn left, the trail disappears under the pine forest. It operates on a scree trail on the hillside between pine forest and scrubland. Enjoy the beautiful view of the plain.
The path then goes through the Combe des Cremades where the old quarry is located; made a visit to the lime kilns.
In the valley of Jasse itself (stream of Cremades) at the foot of the limestone terraces, some abandoned lime kilns reflect a bygone local industry.
The lime was obtained by the calcination of limestone (limestone) at temperatures around 1000 ° C. Each cooking required a high consumption of firewood: about 150 cubic meters of wood and fagots 10,000. Lime thus produced was used largely to the masonry.
Continue to the fold of Jasse and do not miss to see the viewpoint from which you can admire a magnificent panorama.
The trail then descends to the property of "Terre Rouge" that will surprise you with its colors.


Then at the bottom right, snaking between Aleppo pines on the red clay layers to get to the "Louisarde" and then gently climb on a sandstone plateau along the stream of the Roumanissa. Cross the plateau to the south: the view is wonderful and wild landscape.
Walk through a forest track and go down the valley of the Hautes Caune "Caunes' in Occitan meaning cave.
You can see in the first ledge.
You enter in a place sheltered from the north wind, and see the presence of different flora and very rich in species through the nature trail.
Walk along the stream of Caunes and join Tournissan the same road leading to the village square.
If you want to extend your walk you will take the Loop La Roche Gap (duration: 1:30) completed in June 2006, which begins at the end of the nature trail.
It will allow you to reach the "Serrat La Bade 'that dominates the village of Tournissan and offers stunning views.


You will then descend by Caunes-Basses and discover a setting worthy of a western that takes you a little below the foot of "Rock Gap." You can observe this natural curiosity and why not try to climb it.
You will continue by taking a part of the old path Holliday and will end at the picnic area that will take you near the stele.
Association "Friends of Francis Lastenouse path"

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Nouveau site internet :http://sentierfrancislastenouse.fr

E-mail : sentier_flastenouse@hotmail.fr


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